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Rvierfront Athletic Club Facility Tour The Riverfront Athletic Club, where a dedicated staff is committed to your success, is the home of health, fitness, and wellness, . We offer a variety of personal training and group fitness programming, including general fitness, sport-specific training, Pilates, yoga, and specialty senior fitness training.

If personal training is not your thing, come on in and play anyway. A full selection of strength training and cardio equipment is on hand to challenge you. Our well-educated staff is more than happy to show you the basics and answer all your questions.
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Tuesday Morning Yoga

Per your request we have changed the start time of Jess's Yoga class to 7:10am on Tuesday mornings. Thank you for your feedback and we will see you in class!



Wednesday Night & Friday Morning Yoga

Charla has moved and while we all wish her our best, we are in the process of getting these classes back on the schedule on a full-time basis!

Blythe will be taking over the Friday morning class and here is a bit about her style of class:

Restore your body with this Vinyasa style yoga class. As we connect breath with movement, we build awareness, strength, flexibility and balance. Wind down your flow with restorative poses and leave class feeling rejuvenated!

Look for the Wednesday night class to be back on the schedule on 2/19 with our new instructor Erin Bovee taking over! Here is a bit of Erin's style:

I teach a progressive style of vinyasa yoga / power yoga combined with principles of alignment and elements from other modes of movement like dance and gymnastics. At the foundation is the idea of moving meditation - connecting breath to movement to get out of your mind and into your body. While a large part of class is centered around active movement (one breath, one movement), the class is built off of spending time in each posture to explore and learn proper alignment and safe "tricks" for varying body types, injury histories, conditions, etc. Once the foundation is built, I focus on creating muscle memory through the breath to movement - also allowing for a cardio workout element of class. Depending on the class, I also incorporate Thai yoga elements from my training, such as the importance of joint mobility for all forms of fitness and training. Every class is different as I think it keeps things fresh and exciting and also challenges the body to get out of routine and "shock" itself into new modes of movement and varying sequences and approaches. I also have the ability to teach a variety of speeds and ability levels and would be able to adjust based off of the typical students.


Remember to train smart by attending a variety of classes and instructors. Each format has benefits that will make you strong. Every trainer and instructor will have a little different spin on the same move so you continue to improve! Cross-train and grow!